Vitalli Announces Plan to Protect Children

Nashville, TN: Classrooms across the country have integrated perverse sexual content into curricula for children as young as grade school. In a time when conservative voices are silenced, Dave Vitalli has been an outspoken advocate for parents, parental rights, and our children.

To fight back, Vitalli founded the AngelWatch National Accreditation program for the safety and security of children, teachers, and schools. His accreditation program is for schools, preschools, daycares, and early learning centers across the United States, and it is the only accreditation program of its kind in the US. Vitalli has a long history of working with children in bad situations. He was the co-host of The Maury Show, where he helped families with troubled children, abusive relationships, and infidelity. Vitalli also stared in his own show, My Dysfunctional Family, where he worked directly with children and families that were in dire need of outside intervention.

“The agenda that schools and teachers are pushing across the United States has nothing to do with the development of children – it has to do with political ideologies. I have been working with children of all ages for over 20 years. I have helped and mentored children that have been abused in every way possible and what they are doing to children in schools should be stopped immediately,” Vitalli emphasized. From a broken home himself, he suffered abuse from an alcoholic father and other family members. Vitalli stated, “I know what it feels like to have to worry about being beaten during the day the day and abused at night, what these schools are doing to these children is going to do irreversible damage to their emotional development.”

Vitalli isn’t just speaking out against this abuse, he has a plan to stop it. “Governors across the country should do the same type of law that they have now passed in Florida under Gov. Desantis,” explains Vitalli.

“This obscene behavior has gone on for too long and has become too acceptable – especially throughout schools. Now, even Disney and other entertainment platforms designed for children are pushing for the regularization of sexual content in children’s TV shows and movies.

“These issues should be up to parents, not teachers and show creators. If Disney and others like them want to continue pushing the agenda on children so be it, I can control what my child watches. But there are too many times that parents have no say in what goes on in their school districts. The best way to hurt these companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and the rest of them is to stop buying their merchandise and stop watching their shows.”

Vitalli was seeking the Republican nomination for Congress until recently when the Tennessee legislature passed the “Carpetbagger Bill” kicking him and another from the ballot. Vitalli has called the legislation unconstitutional.