Meet Dave Vitalli

Dave Vitalli was recruited to a Government Agency where he spent numerous years protecting the United States and our allies. Mr. Vitalli took a leave to be by his brother’s death bed and help his family pull through this hard time. Since the medications needed were not legal in the United States yet. Dave went to Europe, met with doctors and learned about the leading medications available to fight AIDS, and started bringing the medications back to the states for his brother. A friend found out, and because that person did not like gays, he turned Dave in. Dave almost lost his freedom trying to keep his brother alive. If you ask Dave about this, he will tell you “Sometimes you have to do things for the greater good, no matter what the sacrifice.”

After his brother’s passing, Mr. Vitalli went back to serving our country as a contracted Operator for the United States Government. He formed Vortek International, where he has spent over 20 years keeping Americans safe worldwide. Vortek, to this day, works with numerous government agencies, different branches of the military, and police departments around the globe. His agency also supplements and consults military forces, privately held companies, and other logistic programs with circumvention of threats of all types while having teams ready to perform globally when necessary.

Dave also founded Work for Warriors. It is a program designed to help veterans acclimate back to civilian life, find work and provide for themselves and their families.

Mr. Vitalli also spent many years as a television and film actor and co-hosted the Maury Show between 2006-2013. He appeared in over 300 episodes and helped resolve conflict and mentor children. His “Special Operations” character was also tasked with finding out the truth of what goes on in people’s relationships, using any means necessary.

Then, he continued his passion for helping others with his own show, My Dysfunctional Family on CMT, helping families in distress. With his son just being born, Mr. Vitalli decided to take time off from TV to spend time with his family.

After becoming a husband and now a father, he focused on his vast expertise. He recognized the lack of precautions, protocols, and training available for schools, daycares, and preschools throughout the country. He then founded the AngelWatch Foundation, partnered with the American Red Cross, and developed the AngelWatch National Accreditation Program for the Safety and Security of Children.

“The AngelWatch Accreditation Program has a higher standard of Safety and Security protocols than any state-mandated procedures or courses throughout the United States,” Mr. Vitalli explains, “it is our mission to make sure that every teacher and staff member in any type of facility can handle any circumstance or emergency that may arise in any School, Daycare, Preschool with confidence and conviction.”  

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With the AngelWatch Accreditation still growing strong, Dave started using his cunningness to start consulting different private equity groups and is now in charge of hundreds of millions of dollars for hedge funds. 

While seeing the opportunity and the need for change, he founded IEC Corp. (International environmental Corporation) to help protect and clean our planet while looking for new safe ways to dispose or recycle hazardous waste.

Dave Vitalli is a LEADER. He will lead where others have failed. He will not only address the problem, HE WILL FIX IT.