Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This bill is to preserve the Constitution of the United States and preserve the integrity of the Senate and the House of assembly. 

This will limit United States Senate terms to no more than two terms, which is 12 years. The Senate can vote for a majority leader that would stay for an additional one term.

The House of Representatives would be allowed five terms equivalent to 10 years. Congress can then vote on a house leader who would make that term extension for one more two-year term. 

United States Supreme Court: this would limit the time in office to 20 years. This would ensure that we have judges that are cognitive.  

Open market means lower pricing.

This bill would allow companies to cover people out of their own state and traditional markets.

This legislation would allow open and competitive markets to all insurance companies making them compete for our health plans.

It is time to control big pharma.

This bill would allow pharmacies to order their prescriptions out of the United States, such as Canada and South America, to import pharmaceuticals in the United States.

All imported pharmaceuticals would have to comply with FDA standards and regulations.

When Congress gets this bill passed, it would mean that prices for all medications would drop significantly for the people of the United States.

Most Americans feel that the integrity of our elections can be compromised. The federal government should handle any Federal election. 

How do we fix the problem? 

A request for proposal (RFP) will go out to all companies that design voting machines. Each company should have to go through a security screening program, and their top personnel in each company will be vetted. All prospective bidders should then submit their machines for testing. 

The following request for proposal (RFP) goes out to software designers and programmers. Their objective is to breach the machines we are testing. After all of the devices are tested, a bipartisan committee would render a decision.

Secondly, federal mandated chain of evidence protocols should be written and implemented in every state.

State board of elections and federal board of elections should have personnel on standby during electoral seasons for short-staffed state voting stations. 

Updated software should be provided every two years before any federal election.

Instead of an emotional “knee jerk” response, look responsibly to our nation’s future.

While scientists look to improve energy efficiency for cars, homes, et cetera, we need to face reality. Numerous car manufacturers worldwide have stated that electric cars with today’s technology are not the answer. At the same time, scientists look to develop more energy-efficient means we need to use the technologies that we already have and make them better. America needs to be energy efficient and energy independent. 

America has an abundance of oil, which is then refined into gasoline. We need to improve emissions on combustion motors and look at alternative fuels. 

The source is cellulosic ethanol. This ethanol is made primarily of non-food-based materials, including crop residues, wood residues, and waste byproducts. 

This bill would contribute grants to independent labs, scientists, farmers, etc., for doing their part and becoming part of our energy-efficient program.

Funding could be made possible from the reallocation act that I speak about on this page.

Washington is a big money-eating machine.

The more you feed it, the bigger it will become. Politicians have done very little, if anything, to control it.

This bill would call for an immediate audit of all federal spending. The audit should be conducted by independent auditors, not a government agency.

When overspending is found, it should go into a reallocation fund for underfunded and new programs. A bipartisan committee can then decide How to start balancing a budget.

We have seen that numerous government agencies and courts have been used in investigating and spying on American citizens. These agencies have been abused by political parties to weaponize these agencies.

This bill would limit the power of the FISA courts and other clandestine agencies in the United States.

This bill would give police departments around the United States funding technology-based programs and re-education.

1st agenda for the technology-based would be body cameras for every Law enforcement agency throughout the country. To receive the funding and keep it, all Law enforcement agencies would have to guarantee that all their officers utilized body cameras on every shift. That will have two positive effects, and It will protect law enforcement from harmful and threatening allegations while protecting Americans’ rights at all times.

Re-education programs teach Police to understand what it means to be law enforcement in the 21st century. 

An fast track to limited citizenship for a determined amount of time by Congress to allow illegal immigrants United States citizenship without the right to VOTE.

Why would Americans want this?

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus said, “Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel basket; it is set on a lampstand, where it gives light to all in the house. Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.”

America is the light for millions of people around the world. Millions of people here in the United States live in the shadows. Some have overstayed their visas, and some came across the borders. We are all God’s children, no matter how we got here.

What would this do fiscally? 


With citizenship comes a social security card. That means billions of dollars in revenue that leaves the United States every year would go back into the United States economy, and now our new citizens would be paying taxes. Those tax dollars can go directly to Customs and Border Patrol for physical barriers, Technology, And personnel. 

This means no more wage gaps.

People would receive fair wages for their work, and it would get families off of social services programs that are given to migrants now, Even though they are illegally in the United States.

What else? 

There are no more sanctuary cities and no more politicians using people as pawns in their political races and policies.

Many states across America are legalizing for medicinal purposes, yet the federal government has not caught up with these states. Each State should be able to decide on its laws regarding marijuana.

This bill would remove marijuana from the scheduled three federal narcotics list; marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes for decades, and federal prison mandates have put tens of thousands of people in prison for offenses. 

For the last two generations, we have told our children that they must be college-educated to move forward or they will get nowhere in life. Though parents had their best intentions by telling this to their children, they did not realize that all trade jobs would suffer.

Studies have shown nearly 3 million unfilled trade jobs in America. Most of these vocational job salaries are over six figures a year.

There is a demand for plumbers, carpenters, electricians, masons, professional long-haul drivers, etc. These programs would include vocational training in high schools and college programs throughout the United States.

This bill would help fund vocational job training starting in high school for a child’s eleventh and twelfth grades. Then a following two-year degree through a local community college program. This would give your child a head start in their own lives, get a four-year degree in two years, and make their future bright without enormous student debt.