“GOOD OL’ BOY” politics at its best. TN Congressional race heats up

Nashville, TN: Three well-funded outsider candidates for Congress, who each embrace the MAGA agenda, have been challenged by a local GOP party leader to prove they are “bona fide Republicans”. This will require them to satisfy an archaic section of the state party plan and the state GOP chairman before they can present their case to Republican voters in a
primary this August.

Dave Vitalli stated, “I have always been a Republican. I have regularly donated to the party since 2008, always voted Republican, and even lost friends and business opportunities as my contacts in show business learned I wasn’t a liberal. Now, to be challenged by a small handful of party insiders before I can even present my case to voters is frustrating. Not onlyam I a Republican, but I am a red-blooded American. Insider politics is the type of stuff Democrats do when they want Hilary Clinton to win in Iowa – not something I would have expected here from our own party.”

The former CMT show host and international security operations expert says he is more than confident he will satisfy the requirements, which include: donating to the party, being a member of the local Republican unit, and having letters of endorsement from party leaders. His concern is that this is more about excluding non-establishment candidates than
anything else.

“The same people who probably never wanted President Trump to beat Jeb Bush are now trying to keep America First, conservative candidates from having equal access to a fair, open race as they try to rig, or at the very least influence, the nomination process to ensure that the party insiders get their guy. It is shameful, and I will spend whatever necessary to go straight to the voters and win this seat, champion term limits, and put people first. This is politics at its worst and reminds us all why our country is so broken”, Vitalli concluded.

The challenge of these candidates to prove their “bona fide Republican” status adds an extra hurdle that requires them to appease a backroom process before they can even begin presenting their case to voters. The Republican Party of Tennessee should allow the voters to choose their nominee, not a group of party insiders whose only goal is to hold onto their own power and influence.